A project by Woman for Women.

Reading is one of the most powerful sources of inspiration I have ever had the good fortune to meet.

Getting lost in words and traveling with the mind in unknown places is a very fascinating creative process.

"LeMieDonnineTristi" are proud and courageous women, who have learned the art of knowing how to live. They are women I meet every day, I read and I listen. They have a melancholy air and a colorful soul.

The project takes shape after years of illustrations and readings. In particular, a book influenced me and contributed to the conception of the line, it is "Memory of my sad whores" by Gabriel Garcia Marquez and to realize the idea even comes the casual reading of the book by Marcela Serrano "L 'hotel of sad women'.

As a literary work all these women are transformed into design, and from women-object become objects-woman for the decoration of the house or clothing and accessories to wear.

Those women, each with their own history, their joys and sorrows are small works of art.

I like to think that their story turns into aesthetics that will embellish a house or another woman.



Pastels and pen on paper


sardinian woman

Pantone and pen on paper.

Eleonora T-shirt.jpg


Pastels, pen and pantone on paper.

Chagall 1.jpg


Pencil on paper and digital collage.



Pantone, pen and watercolors on paper.


Sweet Autumn

Pantone and pen on paper.



Pantone and pen on paper.